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Desktop Services
All the benefits of high-quality, reliable Managed Desktop Services

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Network Services
ICT Infrastructure, Servers, Hyper-V, VMWare, Workstation and Peripheral hardware.

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Website Development
Advanced Website Development and Function We now offers an advanced level of website development.

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Customer Service
Our service excellence offers the customer a peace of mind solution for servicing advanced networks.

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E-Commerce Development. Develop your business for the future and increase your market share through a shopping cart.


How we make E-Commerce and shopping carts work for you.

1. Shopping carts – A productive and reliable model
Losing online customers is frighteningly easy. You rarely see people abandon a half-full shopping cart in a store and walk away -- unless something dire has happened. Online, however, over 50% of potential sales end in abandonment, usually due to a bad shopping cart model. But it is hard, exactly to pinpoint what is wrong with your shopping cart. In many cases it takes a few months/weeks of research before you figure out what is going wrong. But this quick guide can help you pinpoint the cause without further loss of revenue


2. Product videos (High End details)
Having videos is even better than images. Some consumers are wary of product photos that are enhanced. With video, you take product experience to the next level. Granted, it can be expensive to do videos for all the products you have. The situation is even more complicated if you drop-ship or buy products from wholesalers after your customers make an order. Videos

  • Product clinics
  • Product leaflets

3. Product details
Your product description should give the features and benefits of the product you are selling. Avoid using the product descriptions provided by the manufacturers. The descriptions are usually not tailored for customers and since many merchants use them, can make your website have duplicate content and this can affect the site’s rankings on search engines. Great copy should convince the customer to purchase a product. It should indicate how consumers will benefit from the product and why they should buy it right there.

4. Customisation
If you can, make it possible for customers to customize their products. Customization brings a sense of ownership and is fun. Moreover, it can also generate more revenues to your business. Customization can be enabled for simple features like product color and size or more complicated ones like type of video graphics card if the product is a computer.

5. Offers and Sales
People turn to online shopping not only because it is convenient, but also because they expect items to be cheaper there. Most customers look for sales and offers at eCommerce websites. The rise of group buying websites like Groupon and its clones have made consumers get back to the roots of online shopping where getting items at discount prices is a high priority. Have a sale and specials channels on your website to increase your conversions. Your sales and specials channel should be active especially during the weekends and holidays. Understand your customers’ shopping habits and give them a special sale day to improve your revenues.

6. Reduce aborted sales
One of the biggest headaches that online shop owners have to deal with is shopping cart abandonment. This is a situation whereby a customer that had put some products in the shopping cart fails to go through the entire checkout process or cancels the order during the checkout process. Today’s online consumer is more informed and savvy and is likely to do comparison shopping before checking out. To reduce shopping cart abandonment, address things like slow website load speed, high product prices, shipping charges and lack on online live chat support.

7. Payment Options
Consumers may prefer different payment methods from the primary one you have on your website. Offering different payment options will improve your conversions by reducing the number of lost sales. Most visitors who come to shop at your store for the first time may not prefer to use their credit cards due to credit card fraud. Offer other options, like Paypal.

8. Shipping
Offer free or combined shipping. If you are not offering free shipping, you are losing customers. According to current market research, half of all merchants offer free shipping. Those who offer combined shipping see their sales double. Many online customers expect not to pay for shipping in one way or the other. Some merchants offer unconditional free shipping while with others, customers have to purchase items of a certain value to qualify for free shipping.

9. Address uncertainty
Clearly indicate what your customers can or cannot do after purchase. Customers usually want to know when they will get the items they order, whether the items will be the same as those depicted in the photos, what happens in case they are not satisfied with the items, etc. Address the most common questions or doubts that consumers may have about your product or company on a special page on your website or on the product pages. Amazon does an excellent job of estimating the date of delivery of your order and also clear instructions on what you can do with your order.

  • List your trading address
  • List your associates
  • list your contact details, Email address(s) and phone number

10. Develop now
Develop your business now by creating an interactive online shopping portal. Just EMail our Customer Services team for a free quote, enquire now.


On-Line Developments

Sumphero has begun to work closely with Southern Star and the 8 Acres Group to bring you a new range of web based technology solutions.

Sumphero has just launched another online shop and dedicated payment gateway for the world famous Sesderma and Mediderma skin products.